M8 München

M8 München

In the new “Werksviertel” creative hotspot in the east of the German city of Munich, the loft-like office complex “M8 Work & Create” is an eye-catching counterpoint to the post-modern architecture of a similar form in its local surroundings. Flexible use, timeless aesthetics and state-of-the-art technical expertise form the basis for the building’s long lifecycle.

When designing the building, the architect’s office Oliv Architekten mainly focused on establishing a balance between ecological and economic sustainability. The building is given its historic look by its façade, which features clinker bricks from Hagemeister and distinctive lesenes consciously reminiscent of the commercial architecture of the 19th century.


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Architektur: Oliv Architekten, München
Bauherr: Optima-Aegidius-Firmengruppe
Klinker: „Arnheim BU“
Format: NF (240x115x71 mm)
Verklinkerte Fassadenfläche: ca. 3.200 m²