Brick Elmshorn GT+FU

Elmshorn GT+FU merken


NF - Normalformat (240x115x71 mm)

andere Formate als Objektsortiment auf Anfrage

Brick bond: Wilder Verband
Material requirements:ca. 48 piece/m²
Pallet loading:416 piece/pallet
Structure and formats variants
Full programme of colour gradients
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Lava GT
Brick Lava GT
Manchester GT+FU
Brick Manchester GT+FU
Manchester BA
Brick Manchester BA
Manchester GT+FU
Brick Manchester GT+FU
Montana GT
Brick Montana GT
Alt Berlin GT
Brick Alt Berlin GT
Alt Berlin GT - CREAMAX
Brick Alt Berlin GT - CREAMAX
Alt Berlin FO
Brick Alt Berlin FO
Alt Berlin BU
Brick Alt Berlin BU
Alt Berlin GS
Brick Alt Berlin GS
Malente WAGT
Brick Malente WAGT
Manhattan GT
Brick Manhattan GT
Dallas GT
Brick Dallas GT
Dallas FS
Brick Dallas FS
Dallas GT
Brick Dallas GT
Java BU
Brick Java BU
Java FU
Brick Java FU
Java BU+FU
Brick Java BU+FU
Nublo GT
Brick Nublo GT
Oxford GT
Brick Oxford GT
Oxford GT+FU
Brick Oxford GT+FU
Leeds SR
Brick Leeds SR
Memphis GT
Brick Memphis GT
Boston GT
Brick Boston GT
Boston GT
Brick Boston GT
Liverpool GT
Brick Liverpool GT
Cassandraplein GT
Brick Cassandraplein GT
Liverpool BA
Brick Liverpool BA
Liverpool GT+FUmS
Brick Liverpool GT+FUmS
Liverpool GT
Brick Liverpool GT
Wales SR
Brick Wales SR
Ruhrerde GT
Brick Ruhrerde GT
Baltimore GT
Brick Baltimore GT
Ontario GT
Brick Ontario GT
New York GT
Brick New York GT
Vermont GT
Brick Vermont GT
Lausanne GT
Brick Lausanne GT
Lausanne GT
Brick Lausanne GT
Solingen GT
Brick Solingen GT
Potsdam GT
Brick Potsdam GT
Potsdam GT
Brick Potsdam GT
Potsdam GT
Brick Potsdam GT
Duisburg GT
Brick Duisburg GT
Oregon GT
Brick Oregon GT
Oregon GT
Brick Oregon GT
Xanten GT
Brick Xanten GT
Wuppertal GT
Brick Wuppertal GT
Norden GT+FU
Brick Norden GT+FU
Norden BA
Brick Norden BA
Schwerin GT
Brick Schwerin GT
Cuxhaven GT
Brick Cuxhaven GT
Holsten GT
Brick Holsten GT
Holsten GT+FUmS
Brick Holsten GT+FUmS
Baltrum GT
Brick Baltrum GT
Witten GT+FUmS
Brick Witten GT+FUmS
Witten GT
Brick Witten GT
Mauritz GT
Brick Mauritz GT
Woerden Alt GT
Brick Woerden Alt GT
Oldenburg FU
Brick Oldenburg FU
Oberhausen GT
Brick Oberhausen GT
Norddeich GT
Brick Norddeich GT
Elmshorn GT+FU
Brick Elmshorn GT+FU
Eckernförde GT+FUmS
Brick Eckernförde GT+FUmS
Schleswig GT+FU
Brick Schleswig GT+FU
Schleswig GT+FUoS
Brick Schleswig GT+FUoS
Bremerhaven GT+FUoS
Brick Bremerhaven GT+FUoS
Aachen GT+FUoS
Brick Aachen GT+FUoS
Stade GT+FU
Brick Stade GT+FU
Hannover GT
Brick Hannover GT
Werne GT/FU
Brick Werne GT/FU
Haltern GT
Brick Haltern GT
Krefeld GT
Brick Krefeld GT
Coburg HS
Brick Coburg HS
Gotha HS
Brick Gotha HS
Westfalen GT
Brick Westfalen GT
Westfalen GT
Brick Westfalen GT
Westfalen GT
Brick Westfalen GT
Westfalen GT+FUoS
Brick Westfalen GT+FUoS
Augsburg GT
Brick Augsburg GT
Colorado GT
Brick Colorado GT
Papenburg GS
Brick Papenburg GS
Münsterland GT
Brick Münsterland GT
Münsterland BA
Brick Münsterland BA
Münsterland BKF
Brick Münsterland BKF
Münsterland FUoS
Brick Münsterland FUoS
Münsterland GS
Brick Münsterland GS
Münsterland WS
Brick Münsterland WS
Münsterland WSF
Brick Münsterland WSF
Alt Münster GT - CREAMAX
Brick Alt Münster GT - CREAMAX
Dortmund GT
Brick Dortmund GT
Essen GT
Brick Essen GT
Mülheim GT+FU
Brick Mülheim GT+FU
Lüttich BU
Brick Lüttich BU
Arnheim BU
Brick Arnheim BU
Brüssel BU
Brick Brüssel BU
Burgund BU
Brick Burgund BU
Normandie BU
Brick Normandie BU
Luzern GT
Brick Luzern GT
Sylt GT
Brick Sylt GT
Spreebogen GT
Brick Spreebogen GT
Friesland GT
Brick Friesland GT
Friesland BA
Brick Friesland BA
Friesland FU
Brick Friesland FU
Friesland GS
Brick Friesland GS
Friesland WSF
Brick Friesland WSF
Friesland HB
Brick Friesland HB
Brick Heide GT - CREAMAX
Wilhelmshaven SR
Brick Wilhelmshaven SR
Büsum SR
Brick Büsum SR
Frechen GT
Brick Frechen GT
Genua FU
Brick Genua FU
Brick Rimini GT CREAMAX
Livorno BA
Brick Livorno BA
Livorno BA
Brick Livorno BA
München GT
Brick München GT
Granada FU
Brick Granada FU
Brick Capri GT CREAMAX
Luca GT+FU
Brick Luca GT+FU
Brick Luca GT - CREAMAX
Brick Luca FU - CREAMAX
Brick Milano GT - CREAMAX
Verona GT
Brick Verona GT
Trentino GT
Brick Trentino GT
Barcelona BA+FU
Brick Barcelona BA+FU
Gent BU+FU
Brick Gent BU+FU
Gent BU
Brick Gent BU
Gent BU+FU
Brick Gent BU+FU
Gent BU
Brick Gent BU
Cardiff BU
Brick Cardiff BU
Cardiff BU
Brick Cardiff BU
Rostock GT
Brick Rostock GT
Rostock FU
Brick Rostock FU
Rostock GT+FUoS
Brick Rostock GT+FUoS
Stettin GT
Brick Stettin GT
Meißen GT
Brick Meißen GT
Meißen FU
Brick Meißen FU
Riesa GT
Brick Riesa GT
Rügen GT
Brick Rügen GT
Speyer FO
Brick Speyer FO
Hunsrück HB
Brick Hunsrück HB
Dresden GT
Brick Dresden GT
Sahara GT
Brick Sahara GT
Limburg GT
Brick Limburg GT
Mannheim GT
Brick Mannheim GT
Kopenhagen BA
Brick Kopenhagen BA
Bergheim GT
Brick Bergheim GT
Bergheim GT+FU - CREAMAX
Brick Bergheim GT+FU - CREAMAX
Bergheim GT+FUoS
Brick Bergheim GT+FUoS
Neuss GT+FU
Brick Neuss GT+FU
Neuss BA
Brick Neuss BA
Kanada GT
Brick Kanada GT
Oslo GT+FU
Brick Oslo GT+FU
Stockholm BA
Brick Stockholm BA
Stockholm FU
Brick Stockholm FU
Narvik BA
Brick Narvik BA
Malmö BA
Brick Malmö BA
Lappland BA
Brick Lappland BA
Trelleborg BA
Brick Trelleborg BA
Eifel FO
Brick Eifel FO
Santorini BU
Brick Santorini BU
Nordland HS
Brick Nordland HS
Frederikssund HS
Brick Frederikssund HS
Teide HS
Brick Teide HS
Kristiansund HS
Brick Kristiansund HS
Farsund HS
Brick Farsund HS
Moonsund HS
Brick Moonsund HS
Moonsund HS
Brick Moonsund HS
Östersund HS
Brick Östersund HS
Langesund BA
Brick Langesund BA
Gotland GT+FUoS
Brick Gotland GT+FUoS
Gotland BA+FU
Brick Gotland BA+FU
Langeland HSG
Brick Langeland HSG
Vancouver FO+FU - CREAMAX
Brick Vancouver FO+FU - CREAMAX
Brick Arktis GT - CREAMAX
Weimar HS
Brick Weimar HS
Weimar HS
Brick Weimar HS
Marbach HS
Brick Marbach HS
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