Creativity, flexibility and economy

Prefabricated clinker opens up a wide spectrum of design opportunities for modern façade architecture. Complicated building components such as arches, horizontally curved construction elements, large-span supports, decorative parts, facings, window panels and prefabricated stairs as well as large scale building components can be realised.

The planner can let his ideas flow beyond manual masonry construction – also with economy in mind. What was previously only possible with a huge amount of time and money is now rationally and economically resolved with the prefabricated clinker. Individual manufacturing parallel to building work, exactly in line with the planner’s specifications, forms the basis.

All the clinker used comes from the same firing process as those for the surrounding brickwork and are grouted in on the building site. Each prefabricated element thus fits seamlessly into the characteristic look of the building.


From concept to finishing

Transform your constructive and creative fantasies into structural reality. Prefabricated clinker opens up innumerable possibilities for the planner and that with the financial budget in mind. Hagemeister’s clinker factory works in partnership with prefabrication specialists in all regions of Germany and Europe.

This team of technicians collaborates with our clinker consultants during planning and specification of the details. With your architectural ambitions in mind, our experts find a systematic, practical solution with good value for money, in top quality.

High quality clinker then goes into precise “dry” and methodical production parallel to the progress of building work. Prefabricated parts are delivered as and when required and this guarantees short construction times. Of course we are happy to advise you right from the planning and project development phase.

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