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When you consider it carefully you realise that a clinker and a building have much in common.

A clinker too must be conceptualised, the choice of materials plays an important role and production is almost a creative act.

This is why the Hagemeister family considers itself clinker architects, who develop each work piece to perfection with dedication and passion.


Hagemeister’s production combines high-tech with the knowledge of clinker baking masters of old, who cannot be replaced. Much is developed together with architects and planners for a certain property or special task. Some designs emerge from the very specialised wishes of builders, who are looking for something unique.

The factory aspires to turn these dreams into reality. Individuality and creativity count – each clinker is a unique item and therefore as distinctive as the environment for which it was fired.


Hagemeister clinkers are not just the individualised expression of personality and character but also a statement of quality made in Germany, as the clinker factory manufactures its products for façades and grounds, managed by the fifth generation, exclusively at the Munsterland site — and that for project buildings around the world.

An important aim to create timelessly beautiful architecture and to give people space, which lends them a sense of wellbeing.

Fashions and trends pass, but high quality brickwork lasts for centuries.  


Feeling the pulse of architectural creativity, understanding it, helping to shape it and supporting it using its own orientation - Klinkerwerk Hagemeister succeeds in doing this through its commitment as a permanent partner of architecture institutions and projects.

Whether as a project partner of the Werkbundstadt Berlin, the Institut für Stadtbaukunst Dortmund, in the form of the professorship foundation "Building and designing with solid building materials" at the Trier University of Applied Sciences or as a main partner of the BDA Münster/Münsterland, the clinker factory actively provides support to architecture scene and creates its own touches.

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