Sound – our everyday companion

In the respective environment, each living being is exposed to unavoidable, multifaceted background noise from natural but also from artificial sources. Equally widely spread are the sensations, which range from pleasantly soft sounds to annoying, painful noise. Sound therefore has immense impact on subjective wellbeing.

Due to our living spaces coming closer together, there is an increased need for the acoustically optimised design of traffic routes, rooms and spaces. Footfall and airborne sound must be controlled t and irritating noise must be dampened as well as absorbed.

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Hagemeister acoustic clinkers are clay fired and, because of their material properties, are perfectly suited for the task of absorbing noise and avoiding the reflexion of sound waves. According to ZTV-Lsw 88, clinker constructions are tested for values of over 10 db depending on the type.

The high noise absorbing effect of Hagemeister acoustic clinker is thus verified by independent sound absorption tests. Acoustic clinkers from Nottuln offer the architect and planner a sophisticated design, which is reliable, purely natural and a high quality solution for a broad range of requirements in the area of protection against sound:

·         High sound absorption

·         Natural beauty

·         Creative variety

·         Reliable quality


Horizontal perforation Diagonal perforation
240x115x113 mm 240x115x113 mm
240x115x90 mm 240x115x90 mm
240x115x71 mm  
240x115x52 mm  
240x240x113 mm 240x240x113 mm
240x240x90 mm 240x240x90 mm


(meist im Innenbereich)
(meist im Außenbereich)
A. Rohbau oder tragende Wand
B. Luftschicht (ca. 2 cm)
C. Dämmstoff-Matte (mind. 4 cm)
D. Hagemeister-Akustik-Klinker (9,0 cm ; 11,3 cm je nach Konstruktion)
E. Verankerung mit Abstandhalter für

Interior as well as exterior walls are fitted with acoustic clinkers. An existing wall (masonry or concrete) is often bricked up. Next to the existing wall, an outline wall construction is recommended.

Hagemeister’s acoustic clinker with diagonally perforated bricks has been especially developed for exterior use. This fully conforms to the requirements of ZTV-Lsw 88, facilitating the drainage of possible rainwater. This protects the insulation material from becoming damp and soiled.

The diagonally perforated acoustic clinker must be laid in such a way that the perforation points outwards. The position and consistency of the insulating mat is highly important to the function of the acoustic wall. Depending on the required sound absorption grade, the insulating material must have a density of 90-150 kg/m³ and must be clad with a fleece. The mat must be water repellent and must be mounted so that slight pressure against the clinker wall is allowed.

The acoustic clinker wall is a facing shell, which is anchored according to DIN 1.053. Stainless steel anchors must be fitted in exterior areas.

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