Breaking free stylistically from the classic formats and, at the same time, maintaining the original design character of the brickwork – this architectural "balancing act" places high demands on the clinker range.

The CREAMAX® product range sets standards: with a thin format height of 52 mm, or even the 40 mm of the Roman format, the unusual façade bars of up to 490 mm in length allow the creation of elongated brickwork units, which together form structures with a distinct horizontal expression.

The elongated look with horizontal lines predestines the clinker’s use for buildings with extensive, opaque and cuboid structures. Pastel orange earthy tones, strong fire red, traditional brick red with coal or blue firing, dark wine red and silver accentuated anthracite allow the bricks space for creative design.

The handcrafted laying of the clinker as a base lends the façades further appealing and distinctive vibrancy.


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