University cooperation

As part of several days of student workshops, different scholarships and even endowment professorships at various universities, Hagemeister actively supports the teaching of architecture. The transmission of knowledge about the brick as well as its architectural importance and conveying the craft value of masonry is brought to life here every day.

Fascinating events had taken place here

  • Student project "Ziegelschale" - Prof. Peter Böhm, Hochschule Trier
  • Student competition "Ziegelelemente" - Prof. Manuel Thesing, msa Münster
  • Student task "Klinker-Konstruktionen" incl. practical implementation - Prof. Udo Garritzmann, msa Münster
  • Student task "Customized Production - Clinker " - Prof. Ulrich Blum, msa Münster
  • Student daily workshop "Klinker-Kreativität" - Prof. Dietz/ Dozentin Eva Paar, TU Dortmund
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