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Online Texture Designer

Realistic renderings and visualisations of buildings are an important element of design planning for architects and building owners, and a realistic depiction of the clinker is essential. With the new TexturDesigner, Hagemeister is further expanding its service in the digital visualisation of clinker facades. Whereas it was previously possible for users to download static image files of different types of masonry textures with two types of bonds and three to four joint colours each in JPEG format from the website, the tool adds a completely new component - the design of an individual texture.

For the design of a project-specific texture, the first edition of the online tool now offers a selection of over 70 assortments, 13 masonry bonds and 14 joint colours. This user can not only put together his personal collection of individual varieties, but also determine an individual mix ratio for selected assortments. Special highlights are the option to define the width of the horizontal and butt joints and the possibility to display the mixed texture with a shadow. The resulting 3-D effect already gives the surface a unique plasticity - without having to make elaborate light settings in the rendering.

The texture of the self-mixed sorting or even the individual grade can be downloaded in JPEG format in three selectable quality levels for further processing in any CAD or rendering program. Additionally, a download function of the alpha channel is available for the texture. Physical dimensions and product information are entered.

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