The AMA Showroom
– in Amsterdam


A special showroom
-in the heart of the architecture city

The AMA showroom
in Amsterdam

A special showroom
at the heart of the architectural city.
Hagemeister is now also presenting its unique, extremely ceramic clinker bricks in the multidisciplinary Architectural Materials Amsterdam (AMA) material showroom in the Cruquius district of Amsterdam.
This inspiring showroom in the Dutch capital is home to a unique combination of brickwork, terrazzo, ceramics and natural stone – a vibrant mix of materials for your exterior and interior designs.

The aim of the showroom is to create an outstanding selection of materials for the market, which is why five distinctive partners have come together to present their products at the venue. AMA provides architects and designers with advice and support and accompanies the creative and building process from design to realisation. For technical support and detailed information concerning applications, AMA is also able to help based on its experience or with the help of its specialised network of processing companies and installers. AMA is both a showroom and a laboratory for unmistakable construction materials and applications that are anything but ordinary.

AMA is an initiative of De Nis BV, an independent advising and trade company with a unique and stylish approach to materialisation that makes it popular among Dutch architects.

The showroom is located close to Amsterdam city centre in the Cruquius district, an old industrial area.


Wijnsilostraat 108
1019 VM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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