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AMA Amsterdam
mood boards by Denis

In Amsterdam, Denis de Haan sets new standards when selecting material mixes for architectural projects. In his studio AMA, he skilfully shines the spotlight on inspirational mood boards and constantly creates new material combinations. His new favourites are clinker bricks in the extra-long 365 format.

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Humans and animals:
- door to door

Our clinker bricks are not only used to create living environments for humans.
Here you can find all you need to know about species protection and how one of our employees has created a brand-new product.

Species protection at Hagemeister

- the colours of Scandinavia

Take one look at our Nordbrand clinker bricks and you will instantly picture beaches, dunes, beautiful patterns drawn in the sand by the wind and the rocky cliff foothills extending out into the fjord.
These bricks are truly reminiscent of the naturalness and freshness of a Nordic coastal landscape.

The essence of our Nordic colours

- the art of joining

Be it in a huge architectural masterpiece or a residential building, bricks offer fantastic design potential, not only in terms of the stone, its colour and its texture but also with regard to the masonry skills involved.

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From a wooden model
to customised clinker bricks

To give his building its own special character, the architect Andres Heupel developed an extra-special stone in cooperation with the Nottuln-based clinker brick manufacturer Hagemeister.
“With its horizontal profile measuring approx. 2.5 x 2.5 cm, the stone was designed to create a rhythmic façade that goes beyond the joints. Our aim was to use a relief with a special elaborate design to give the building envelope its own sophisticated and individual touch. Such a solution can usually only be achieved by using staggered narrow formats, the processing of which is expensive in comparison,” explains Heupel. Andreas Heupel therefore took to the drawing board to design a new product approach, initially as a wooden prototype, which he then brought to us, entrusting us with the further development of his innovative idea.

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