Clinker bricks for facade
and floor architecture

Attractive clinker bricks for the façade, facing bricks and clinker brick slips for sophisticated wall architecture as well as natural bricks for creative paving design in the garden and in public spaces. Together we will find your individual clinker solution!

Our different

Core range

Our special service for our most popular bricks 

We fire large batches of the products in our core range on a regular basis. These products are prioritised and kept in stock and are therefore usually available at short notice. 

  • Fast availability: we can usually supply products from our core range from stock at very short notice. 
  • Homogeneous façade aesthetics: we manufacture large batches in continuous production processes. 
  • More planning reliability: we can normally fulfil prompt repeat orders with deliveries from the same batch. Up to 10 % of the order volume may be cancelled. 
  • Supplementary products available: complementary products such as solid bricks and moulded bricks are also manufactured in the same batch. 
  • Reliability of well-established bestsellers: view a multitude of reference projects and properties.
  • No minimum order amount. 

Basic range

Popular bricks for projects of all sizes 

Our core range, which is manufactured several times a year, is complemented by our basic range, which offers a variety of additional products to choose from. Deliveries of our basic products do, however, involve a standard lead time. 

  • Rotational production: incoming orders are collected and processed on a regular basis, with several projects covered in each production run. 
  • Supplementary products are available to order: complementary products such as solid bricks are also manufactured to order in the same batch. 
  • No minimum order amount.
  • The Hagemeister promise: decide to use clinker bricks in your construction project at an early stage and reap the benefits – with deliveries from our basic range at short notice. 

Project-specific and individual range

Exclusive clinker varieties and individual developments for large-scale architectural products 

Hagemeister views itself as a partner for the world of architecture and works together with you to develop one-of-a-kind clinker brick concepts. 
Make the most of our clinker brick archive and its hundreds of different compositions or develop your very own brand-new product. 
Our sales contacts will be happy to advise you on the different options available. 

Our project-specific and individual ranges are primarily designed for use in larger-scale products. Please use the following minimum order amounts as reference values for your calculations: 

Normal format (NF): 30,000 units or more  Thin format (DF): 40,000 units or more Modular format 52 (ModF52): 34,000 units or more
Modular format 40 (ModF40): 42,000 units or more   Modular format 40 (2DF): 20,000 units or more  Waal format (WF): 45,000 units or more
Imperial format (RF): 33,000 units or more      

Individual bricks for a unique building design.

Create a clinker that has never existed before. We support you with our material expertise and our in-house laboratories. Together we create the unique shell for your living environment.

An example of this is the "Geistmarkt" clinker.

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Conscious construction
-with the Upcycling Brand

Build with the "upcycling brand" clinker brick - it consists exclusively of raw materials that were scrapped in previous production processes.
This honors our valuable raw material appropriately and actively protects nature's natural resources.

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