Northern Shades
-Mix & Match

Create your own façade and execute your project completely in line with your individual design. This is the idea behind “Mix & Match” – our solution for your unique construction project. Combine your favourites from our five most successful basic clinker brinks to create your individual mix.



  • Frederikssund HS

  • Kristiansund HS

  • Eriksund HS

  • Jespersund HS

  • Weimar HS

The colour spectrum of these brick types captivates passers-by with its warm and cold shades and offers a multitude of harmonious combination options. Together with the joint colour, they enable you to create a unique façade just the way you want it.

A total of four of the clinker brick types named above can be combined, with at least 25 % of each type required in the mix. This offer is available in normal format (240 x 115 x 71 mm) and modular format 52 (290 x 90 x 52 mm) and is possible for both detached houses and larger buildings.

Mix of Kristiansund HS, Weimar HS and Frederikssund HS in modular format.

Composition: 50 % – 25 % – 25 %

Joint colour: 300

Mix of Eriksund HS, Frederikssund HS and Jespersund HS in modular format.

Composition: 25% – 25% – 50%

Joint colour: 300