Species protection:
-an important foundation

Our clinker bricks are not only used to create living environments for humans. Our handmade clinker nesting bricks also offer a safe place of refuge for a wide variety of animal species – from wrens to common pipistrelles.

With these innovative products, we create connections between construction and the environment. When it comes to achieving a reduction in energy consumption, energy-efficient building renovations are both desirable and necessary. Unfortunately, however, such measures often involve the destruction of nesting sites for various species of animals that like to build their nests in buildings, for example common swifts, martins or different bat species.

By integrating clinker nesting bricks into building façades, builders no longer have to make concessions with regard to climate or species protection. The fact that these nesting solutions are also seamlessly integrated into the overall appearance of the external wall means that they also tick all the boxes in terms of aesthetics.

Attractive constructions that also embrace nature – what could be better?!

Species protection and species diversity:
- topics extremely close to our hearts

In recent decades, an accelerated decline in biodiversity has been observed all over the globe. This problem is primarily caused by humans, yet its repercussions affect us more than it may seem.

Here you can read all you need to know about species protection and learn more about the bird and bat species that can find a new habitat in our clinker nesting bricks.

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An idea
- that changed everything

Here you can read all about the extraordinary idea of just one employee.

This spark of genius led to the creation of a completely new, unique and innovative product that is not only one of a kind in the market but also breaks new ground in the world of species protection.

The story behind our clinker nesting bricks