Clinker paving.
Creatively design floors.

Planners and garden and landscape contractors design areas with sustainable clinker paving to enhance private and public living spaces. Clinker bricks enhance park landscapes and squares, streets and promenades as well as parking lots and entire inner cities. But garden terraces and paths, front gardens and garage entrances and even indoor floors also become true feel-good zones with long-lasting, high-quality pavers.

Versatile useable
- clinker paving

In the private garden

Your own garden extends the living space outside and ensures a plus in quality of life. To provide that the joy of this additional open space lasts for a long time, the garden should be carefully planned. In addition to planting, furniture and lighting, the design of terraces and paths as well as the borders of beds and ponds also contribute to the overall effect of the garden. Here it is worth choosing high-quality materials such as pavers that aesthetically fit the overall concept of the garden and the individual architecture of the house - but at the same time also create a warm and comfortable feeling of living.

In public spaces

Public squares, parks and beach promenades, pedestrian zones and heavily used traffic areas as well as representative outdoor areas around office buildings and residential complexes can be designed to be representative and long-lasting using pavers. Clinker pavers are also a popular building material in historical environments and in the area of monument protection. Clinker pavers are particularly suitable for areas that are used by cars and occasionally by care and maintenance vehicles. The extraordinarily high material strength of clinker pavers allows it to be laid economically flat. Paving clinkers with a stone thickness of 52 mm or more already meet the requirements of bending fracture class T4.

Individual and aesthetic.
In shape and color.

With their variety of natural colors, formats and laying patterns, pavers allow the implementation of individual design ideas. Coordinated with the clinker brick facade, the clinker paving optimally completes the harmonious overall picture of the house as a living space.

Easy to care for
and low maintenance

Pavers impress not only with their design options, but also with their material properties. Fired entirely from the respective clay color, they are colorfast and lightfast and do not fade even after decades of exposure to sunlight. Their surface, fired densely at 1200 C°, makes them insensitive to dirt, grease and acid. Neither grill grease nor a spilled glass of red wine can harm the clay tiles. Even strong temperature fluctuations, frost, snow or road salt do not affect the robust clinker paving.
Over the years, clinker pavers develop an attractive patina that gives them a special charm. Rain, wind and sun as well as occasional sweeping are sufficient for care. If a clinker is defective, it can be easily removed, turned over or replaced.

Sustainable and long-lasting

An aspect that also plays a major role today is sustainability. Here too, the natural product scores points. The clay usually comes from local clay pits, which are later renatured. Long transport routes are no longer necessary. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions during production have been significantly reduced in recent years by investing in modern technology. With a lifespan of over 100 years, pavers are above average long-lasting, sustainable and economical. Pavers can be reused and are also sought after in monument preservation and in historical environments.
If reuse is no longer possible, the clay clinkers, which can be dismantled according to type, are a sought-after recyclable material for technical aggregates in the construction of roads, paths and sports fields or for vegetation substrates

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