-gentle harmony.

Our Nordbrand clinker bricks are truly reminiscent of the naturalness and freshness of a Nordic coastal landscape. Their light colours instantly conjure up an image of sandy beaches, dunes, beautiful patterns drawn in the sand by the wind and the rocky cliff foothills extending out into the fjord. These soft shades make prominent buildings look clear, balanced and light.

Their bright and natural character is inspired by Scandinavian interior design. The hygge feeling has already been a well-established trend in living rooms all over the world for quite some time. Its pure pastel tones have now also progressed to become an absolute mega-trend when it comes to the exterior design of buildings.

Our Nordbrand range came into existence when we helped with the renovation of the Schillergymnasium secondary school in the German city of Münster. Together with the architect’s office Architekturbüro Heupel, we came up with a clear and friendly design for a façade in harmony with nature. Our shared ambitions led to the creation of a project-specific range (a special colour combination of clinker bricks) precisely tailored to suit this project.

The Nordbrand clinker bricks went on to become an integral part of our product range. Over time, we have developed a multitude of new variations that have established themselves as some of our customers’ favourite products. Given their ability to blend into the colour spectrum of an extremely wide range of different settings, they are particularly popular for use in various brick-built structures.

-the foundation of beauty

Our Nordbrand clay mixture is comprised of the purest raw materials, which combine to produce a smooth, fine paste-like mass. Some of the components are sourced from the Westerwald mountains, a region that is well-known among ceramicists for its notably pure and high-quality raw materials.

When fired at particularly high temperatures, this mixture forms extremely firm and robust clinker bricks with a high density and stability.

Our Nordbrand structure is especially compact and firm and can therefore withstand water, wind and cold temperatures with no problem whatsoever.

Our Nordbrand clinker bricks are characterised by their patinated surface, with a liquid clay mineral mass used to give it the desired effect.

It is because of this finish that our Nordbrand clinker bricks are so perfectly imperfect when examined close-up yet also have a pleasantly calm and homogeneous appearance when viewed from a distance.

The soft, discreet shades reflect the understanding of colour of Scandinavian design and additionally suit the stylish, contemporary architecture of our part of the world.

The high temperatures at which our Nordbrand bricks are fired add a scattering of distinctive burn marks to their otherwise light-coloured surface. Clinker bricks fired in an exposed position have red colourings, while others get their subtle charcoal markings from the soot particles that rush through the kiln.

These various burn marks underline the natural feel of our Nordbrand clinker bricks. After firing, they are carefully sorted into different clinker brick mixes, ready to bring finished façades to life.

-Nordbrand clinker bricks

Mix & Match

Our Nordbrand product range offers you the option of choosing between five brick types from the same family in different grey-beige colours to create your own individual façade mix.

This is possible for a variety of construction volumes – from detached houses to much larger buildings. The Mix & Match service is a quick and flexible solution sure to tick all the boxes for your construction project. 

After all, when it comes to creative construction, we welcome buildings of all shapes and sizes with open arms! 

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