Seminar für Architekten von der Architektenkammer anerkannt

Forum for building with clinker bricks

Designing clinker architecture, thinking ahead and preserving building culture - to be part of this idea, Klinkerwerk Hagemeister regularly organizes its clinker seminar for architects. Well-known planners and renowned speakers from the entire world of architecture give inspiring lectures there on topics that always vary.

Topic 2023

“Think architecture differently”

This year's architecture seminar in the Hagemeister exhibition center in Nottuln, which was fully booked with around 500 guests, was dedicated to this future-oriented head-topic.

How do you combine the growing demands from an ecological, technical and economic perspective with those - sometimes contradictory - from building culture, context and aesthetics into future-proof architecture? Especially in times of crisis like the current one, it is an architectural task with major areas of tension - both in terms of the individual object and from an urban planning perspective.

Five renowned speakers presented innovative ways to turn around construction in their presentations about excellent projects as well as current theses and visions.

Christine Sohar (MVRDV ■ Rotterdam-Shanghai-Paris-Berlin)
> Germany – What’s next? <

Martin Behet and Roland Bonzio (behet bonzio lin architects ■ Münster-Leipzig-Taichung)
> Parametric design and traditional crafts <

Prof. Dr. Jürgen P. Kropp (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research / Head of AG “Urban Transformation”; Bauhaus Erde / Management Team and Partner ■ Potsdam-Berlin)
> Cities in Climate Change: Perspectives and Solutions for the 21st Century <

Stefan Rethfeld (freelance architect and journalist ■ Münster/Berlin)
> My house is many houses - About the old and new culture of continuing to build <

The exciting specialist forum celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and has long been the first of its kind to be a education event recognized by the professional german chambers of architects.

Two days full of trend-setting impulses, well-founded knowhow and lively dialogue between all participants - that was the conclusion of all guests, speakers and also the host.

A compact review of the event with original comments offers this short video.

Exchange and knowledge transfer

Whether detailed project presentations, comprehensive urban planning concepts, explanations of the artistic demands on urban and living space and the philosophy of their offices or the forms of perception of their social responsibility - the architects fill the respective umbrella topic with numerous facets.
We also deliberately include interdisciplinary thematic worlds, e.g. from art, in the program to stimulate valuable discussions and to enrich the role of architecture as a formative element of our lives.

Klinkerwerk promotes regular exchange and, with the seminar, offers a forum for continuing education - always recognized by the statewide architectural associations.

The discourse on the red-hot topics takes place annually in the large showroom of Hagemeister directly at the plant.

Who-is-Who of Brick-Architecture

The appreciation of the Hagemeister seminar series is also reflected in the speakers who have made their way to Nottuln since 2002.
Take a look into the past:

Architektur-Seminar 2023 zum Thema Klinker

2023 - Architektur anders denken

Christine Sohar - MVRDV ■

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Architektur-Seminar 2022 zum Thema Klinker

2020 - "Bewusst Bauen"

Marc Hehn und Christian Pohl - hehnpohl Architektur ■ Machiel Spaan - M3H Architekten ■ Hans Hammink - de Architecten Cie. ■ Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frey - FREY GRUPPE

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Architektur-Seminar 2019 zum Thema Klinker

2019 - "StadtBauSteine"

ir. Jan-Willem Baijense - de Architecten Cie. ■ Prof. Joachim Schultz-Granberg ■ Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Böll ■ Dr. Dieter Figge

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Architektur-Seminar 2018 zum Thema Klinker

2018 - "Harmonie der Töne"

ir. Tako Postma - de Architecten Cie. ■ Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Lockl - Formation A ■ Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Haber - Hild und K ■ Prof. Dr. Axel Buether

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Architektur-Seminar 2017 zum Thema Klinker

2017 - "Klinker – Tragwerk oder Tapete"

ir. Koen Mulder ■ Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Verwohlt ■ Jeroen Geurst - Geurst & Schulze ■ Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Hein - RKW+

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Architektur-Seminar 2016 zum Thema Klinker

2016 - "Hütten statt Paläste"

Prof. Hansjörg Göritz - Studio HJ Göritz■ Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Sergei Tschoban - TSCHOBAN VOSS ■ Prof. Martin Ebert - studio meda ■ Dipl. Ing. Gerd von Spiess

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Architektur-Seminar 2015 zum Thema Klinker

2015 - "Werte gestalten"

Prof. Nikolaus Bienefeld ■ Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Kahlfeldt - Kahlfeld Architekten ■ Prof. Dr. Gernot Böhme ■ Christoph Kohl - CKSA ■ Thomas Torkler

Architektur-Seminar 2014 zum Thema Klinker

2014 - "Ästhetik – Klinker – Nachhaltigkeit"

Sergey Skuratov - Skuratov Architects ■ Friedrich Wolters - Wolters Partner■ Prof. Dr. Peter Böhm ■ Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Stark - ee concept

Architektur-Seminar 2013 zum Thema Klinker

2013 - "Klinker – Bau – Kultur"

Paola Pellandieni - Studio Mario Botta ■ Jan-Peter Wingender - WINHOV ■ Jörg Preckel - Pfeiffer-Ellertmann-Preckl ■ Robert Wetzels - bob architektur

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Architektur-Seminar 2012 zum Thema Klinker

2012 - "Die Unschuld des Ziegels"

Alexander Schwarz - Chipperfiled Architects ■ Tobias Bonwetsch - ROB Technologies ■ Andreas Hild - Hild und K ■ Prof. Gerd Hauser

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Architektur-Seminar 2011 zum Thema Klinker

2011 - "Werkwand – Klinkermauer"

Stefan Forster - Stefan Forster GbmH■ Prof. Klaus Sill ■ Stefan Ritzen - RITZEN ARCHITECTEN ■ Dr. Volker Tribius

Architektur-Seminar 2010 zum Thema Klinker

2010 - "Kreation – Klinker – Konstruktion"

Jan Kleihues - Kleihues+Kleihues ■ Prof. Heinz Winkens - Winkens Architekten ■ Ger Rosier - BIC-Architects ■ Helmut Heuer - Heuer-Faust-Architekten

Architektur-Seminar 2009 zum Thema Klinker

2009 - "Klinker im Kontext"

Prof. Arno Lederer - Lederer-Ragnarsdottir-Oei ■ Prof. Jörn Walter - Oberbaudirektor Hamburg ■ Prof Wolfgang Lorch - Wandel - Hoefer - Lorch ■ Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Stefan Beck - Baumschlager + Eberle ■ Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Peter Bastian ■ Dr. Ing. Nasser Altaha

Architektur-Seminar 2008 zum Thema Klinker

2008 - "Zukunft – Architektur – Klinker"

Prof. Christoph Mäckler - Mäckler Architekten ■ Prof. Walter Noebel - Nöbel Architektur ■ Prof. Beata Huke-Schubert ■ Dr. Volker Tribius ■ Harry Gatterer - Zukunftsinstitut

Architektur-Seminar 2007 zum Thema Klinker

2007 - "Meilensteine der Klinkerarchitektur"

Prof. Hans Kollhoff - Kollhoff Architekten ■ Prof. Dr. hc mult. Meinhard von Gerkan - GMP ■ Prof. Eberhard Klapp - N-Architektur ■ Thomas Rau - rauarchitekten ■ Jeanne Dekkers - Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur ■ Gerhard Eckel - H2M Architekten ■ Prof. Ulrich Coersmeier - Designteam C ■ Prof. Oskar Spital-Frenking - Spitalfrenking-Schwarz

Architektur-Seminar 2006 zum Thema Klinker

2006 - "Architektur mit Klinker"

Prof. Jo Coenen - Rijksbouwmeester Niederlande Dr.-Ing. Volker Tribius Prof. Frank Hausmann - FH Aachen Prof. Julia B. Bolles-Wilson - Bolles Wilson Architekten

Architektur-Seminar 2002 zum Thema Klinker

2002-2005 - "Technik Klinkermauerwerk"

Dr.-Ing. Volker Tribius

Recognized continuing education event

The Hagemeister Clinker Architecture Seminar will take place for the 18th time in 2023 and is the first of its kind to be recognized by the chambers of architects as an advanced training event. The NRW Chamber of Architects, the IK-Bau NRW, AK Lower Saxony as well as the AK Hesse most recently awarded continuing education points for this for the field of architecture / interior design. Since 2018, the AK Bremen and the AK Berlin also recognize these events as continuing education for their members.