Clinker bricks in long format

Immerse yourself in the fascinating architectural scene of Amsterdam. Here, Denis de Haan and Patricia Griffejoen run the AMA showroom and set new standards in the selection of materials for architectural projects. Always at the center: clinker brick.

In our latest story, Denis explains why he fell in love with our new 365 long format and how this format is particularly suitable for modern architecture.

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Are you looking for inspiration? We have plenty! Here you can find a multitude of extraordinary stories and innovative themes that go far beyond the world of individual clinker bricks.

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Our services for you

Our showrooms

Visitors to our showrooms can admire expressive sample walls and paving stone ideas. Come and be inspired by the beauty of our clinker bricks.

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A perfect mix for perfect façades

We use a state-of-the-art system to carefully mix our clinker bricks as we stack them on pallets, thus ensuring that specific colour characteristics are well distributed within your delivery. This guarantees even façade aesthetics, even if your bricklayer loses sight of the overall finish.

We focus on your requests

Here at Hagemeister, we think ahead and focus on the essential requirements for your project right from the word go. By doing so, we ensure that your chosen product is produced and delivered by your required deadline.

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Find the right combination

We have the right joint to suit your clinker brick. Our Joint Simulator shows you how your new façade could look with just one simple click. Give it a try!

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Integrable aesthetic clinker nesting bricks

Our innovative clinker nesting bricks enable you to create valuable nesting sites for birds that seamlessly integrate into all kinds of structures. The bricks can also be retrofitted into old and new buildings. With this solution, you can comply with official nature conservation directives with little time or effort.

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Individual clinker bricks for a unique building design

Create a clinker brick that has never been seen before. With our material expertise and in-house laboratories, we will help you to come up with your creation. Let’s work together to give your living environments distinctive walls that are truly one of a kind.

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Guaranteed homogeneous façade aesthetics

The clinker bricks used in a construction project often come from different production batches. We use intelligent product and warehouse logistics to ensure that the entire quantity of clinker bricks required fit together to provide homogeneous aesthetics, even in large-scale building projects – for high-quality, attractive façade finishes.

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Texture Designer

Do you already have a precise idea of how your façade should look? Excellent! You can create a digital visualisation here – with the matching joint colour, configuration and even in your chosen brick bond.

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DOP Finder

With our DoP Finder, you can find declarations of performance and CE markings for all our products pursuant to the EU Construction Product Regulation.

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Quantity calculator

Are you planning a construction project but unsure about how many clinker bricks you require? Our quantity calculator provides you with targeted assistance so that you can easily determine your requirements.

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