Our Upcycling Brand
– recycling raw materials

We have developed a clinker brick that is solely comprised of raw materials collected from waste from previous production processes: our “Upcycling Brand”. This brick is a fitting tribute to our valuable raw material and helps to preserve the natural resources provided by nature.

When it comes to manufacturing our bricks, we extract an extremely wide variety of clays from pits located throughout Germany. Each region is home to different soils that have been strongly influenced by the architecture and settlement history of the local surroundings.
Clays from the Münsterland region take on a red colour after being fired, which is particularly prominent in the local old half-timbered houses.
In the Westerwald mountains, on the other hand, lighter clay types are more commonly found. Due to these variations, the buildings in each region of Germany have their own special colour characteristics.
In our range, we offer bricks in a variety of colours and therefore process a multitude of different types of clay. Each of our production processes is based on a special formulation tailored to suit the different soils used. Transforming the soils extracted into a material ready to be fired involves a number of production stages.


Appreciation of raw materials

Once the clay mass has been processed to such an extent that it can be moulded into bricks, it goes through the so-called extruder, which compacts the material.
When the production line is switched to another colour, the different clays are initially mixed in the extruder.

In the past, the resulting colour mixture was no longer suitable for regular production and therefore had to be disposed of.


Every production is unique

We have developed a number of tests and analyses that enable us to create a processing formulation especially for each edition of our Upcycling Brand to produce a high-quality and durable brick – with no compromise whatsoever.

We can also take a material sample and fire this as a prior test to gain a reference as to the future colour of the final brick, the ‘natural colour’. As always, other parameters such as the format, surface texture and holes of the finished brick are individually coordinated with the customer. In terms of both its production and appearance, our Upcycling Brand is truly unique – just like the people who choose to support a greener future by using such a material.